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Candid vs Traditional: The Better Wedding Photography Style

A wedding is a special day filled with love, beauty, and cherished memories. Capturing these moments through pictures and videos is essential to preserve them for a lifetime. Regarding wedding photography, there are two popular styles – candid and traditional. Both have their unique advantages, but which one is better? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Entire Family Pictures

Traditional wedding photography is known for its posed, formal shots of the couple and their family members. These images are typically taken before a backdrop or a scenic location. This style perfectly captures group shots of the entire family, including grandparents, siblings, and other relatives. It’s also an excellent way to document the wedding party, including bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the flower girl/ring bearer.

On the other hand, candid photography captures the natural moments that occur throughout the wedding day. These photos are taken spontaneously, without much direction or posing. While candid photography may not be ideal for large group shots, it’s perfect for capturing the small, intimate moments between the couple and their loved ones.

2. Subjects Can Show Personality

Traditional photography is known for its formal, posed shots. While these images are beautiful, they may not capture the subjects’ personalities or emotions. The poses can look stiff, and the expressions may seem forced. However, traditional photography does allow for creative posing and lighting, which can result in stunning, artistic images.

Candid photography, on the other hand, captures the subjects’ natural expressions and emotions. Whether it’s a spontaneous laugh or a heartfelt exchange between the couple, candid photography captures the raw, unfiltered moments that make a wedding day unique.

3. Creates Unbiased Images

Traditional wedding photography is typically done by a team of professionals experienced in posing and lighting. While this can result in beautiful images, it can also lead to a lack of diversity in the final product. The photographers may have a specific vision for the shoot, which can limit the variation in the images.

Candid photography, on the other hand, is less predictable. The images are taken at the moment, without much direction or posing. This creates a more diverse range of pictures, as each moment captured is unique and unpredictable.

4. Captures Random Moments

One of the benefits of candid photography is its ability to capture the unexpected moments that occur throughout the wedding day. From the flower girl picking her nose to the groomsmen sneaking a drink before the ceremony, candid photography captures the small, fleeting moments that make a wedding day memorable.

While traditional photography can also capture these moments, it requires a skilled photographer who is quick on their feet. On the other hand, Candid photography is more organic and spontaneous, allowing for a more varied range of images.

5. Encapsulates Once in Lifetime Scenes

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the images captured on that day are priceless. Traditional photography is known for its ability to create timeless, classic images that will stand the test of time. These images are carefully posed and lit, producing a professional look.

However, candid photography captures the raw, unfiltered moments that make a wedding day different. These images may not be as polished as traditional images, but they capture the essence of the day in a way that traditional photography cannot.


When it comes to wedding photography, there is no right or wrong answer. Both candid and traditional photography have their unique advantages. Classic photography captures posed, formal shots of the couple and their family members. Candid photography, however, is ideal for capturing small, intimate moments throughout the day.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. Traditional photography may be the way to go if you want a polished, professional look. If you want to capture the raw, unfiltered moments of the day, candid photography may be the better option. Whatever style you choose, hire a professional photographer who understands your vision and can bring it to life.

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